JDS Consulting is a lot more than just reselling telecommunications parts. We are a full service telecommunications services provider. As we've worked with many of our clients, clients have asked us to do more for them above and beyond what they initially contacted us for. We're always happy to help!

One area where we get asked for help is multimedia recording solutions for clients who have Contact Centers. Depending on the industry, contact centers may need to record for legal compliance, information validation, QA or security. As a result, JDS researched solutions in the marketplace and became an authorized Cacti partner and reseller.

Cacti Products

Contact Centers today are being asked to interact with customers via more and more mediums such as audio, fax, web and email. This gives their companies competitive advantages in the marketplace, while increasing the complexity of managing performance, efficiency, validation of information and the protection of your company's assets. Cacti's software is designed to enable companies to optimize their customer satisfaction, training, validation of information and overall quality assurance environment. By capturing information from any one of these valuable mediums, companies are able to generate additional revenue opportunities, improve profitability, enhance customer retention and achieve greater customer intimacy.

Cacti is committed to quality assurance, with the customer in mind.

IT Centric solutions work with your existing infrastructure.

Customer defined features assure you the product is right for your environment.

Intuitive, easy to use interface.

Web or Client based interfaces.

All solutions are deployed as services.