Telephone Sets & Telephone System Buyback

We know all most organizations really care about is that the system works and is reliable. JDS Consulting is committed to helping organizations get the most from their telecommunications investment by making parts available after the manufacturer has decided to take them off the market. Put another way, we strongly believe that just because you can't find a part or component, it shouldn't render your telephone system obsolete. Through our network of 3rd party dealers, we help organizations by sustaining their existing solutions.

But how do our 3rd parties maintain their inventories of parts? JDS helps by putting organizations in contact with parts dealers who will buy back equipment that is being replaced or has been rendered “obsolete”. Doing so helps other clients have access to the parts they need as well as keep unnecessary equipment out or our planets landfills.

About JDS

Specializing In Telephone Sets & Telephone System Parts

At JDS Consulting, we understand that even the best prepared organizations will sometimes have difficulty finding the parts they need in a timely fashion – especially if the part or system is no longer supported by the manufacturer.

JDS specializes in replacing or repairing standard and VoIP sets by:

  • Avaya
  • Nortel
  • Cisco

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